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We are young Entrepreneur who runs a number of sites from wherever he is. He is an experienced SEO Consultant, Professional Blogger & Beginner who is addicted to Web Developer.History of BloggingJoseph began blogging in August 2013. After feeling the need for a higher study, he started writing blogs to cultivate IT developments for himself and after that his life changed dramatically. He started taking interest in fiddling with Blogger Templates carefully reading online articles. Her thirst to learn and understand the latest web technologies like HTML4, CSS3, PHP and JavaScript complement her with an excellent art of web designing.The purpose of Pak YusufThe purpose of publishing PAK YUSUF BLOG is to provide high quality Blogging tips, Android tutorials, practical SEO tips and Online productive methods. Each post is published with the hope that every blogger can learn the core basics to establish himself as a skilled entrepreneur, acting as a rich resource for online communities and making a happy living online. Pak Yusuf is not limited to Google Blogger only, Blogger keywords in his domain are called people who blog for life.Pak Yusuf's suggestion for the new Blogger:Suggesting For Bloggers "When you intend to do something innovative in life, people will tell you that you can not do it but when you prove that you can, the same person will ask: How do you do it So do not give up and keep blogging humbly .Blogging requires a bit of hard work but a lot of patience.It allows you to communicate with the multicultural world of online 2.2 Billion people, each of them is keen to find out, what should you have to share. So honor this opportunity and work hard with sincerity. Blogs just to spread knowledge and love. Provide more value for Quality content, Respect Copyright, Readers you and hate Blogging for money only. I was blogging since two years ago but still feel like a beginner and this is what made me push to do more.Blogging is all about building relationships so stay humble and friendly to everyone especially for those who keep your first mentor. The ego will take you back to where you came from. Treat Blogosphere as your family always.Please remember to give thanks to ALLAH SWT for your gifting with ability to read and write. Every one of you is a genius from birth, you just need to recognize God with your talented potential. Hope you all have a career in the field of Blogging happily. Stay blessed and be happy always. Peace and mercy upon all. "Regards,